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Le Pen has been successful at presenting herself as close to the people and looking at their interests rather than the "president of the rich". In that regard, Le Pen and the RN have sort of replaced the role taken by the Communist party back in the 2nd half of the 2Oth century: the party of the working class, those who can never make both ends meet. We can remember a former ET member who switched from a Communist supported to a Le Pen supporter.

Something interesting is starting to happen though: LFI (France Unbowed) and Mélenchon have attracted a large share of the working class vote, mostly in main urban areas.

The difference with Le Pen? Le Pen's vote is concentrated in small & medium size cities and rural areas; voters are largely white working class.

LFI's voters, on the other hand, while also largely working class, tend to be more ethnically diverse, which also explains the geographical differences: Minorities in France tend to concentrate in large urban areas; travel out of these urban areas, and you'll hardly see any black or brown face (so much for the Great Replacement theory).

We may be seeing LFI starting to take the place the Communist party occupied in the French political landscape some decades ago, with a much larger and more diverse population base, and minus the racist, exclusionary identity politics of the far right.

by Bernard (bernard) on Wed Apr 20th, 2022 at 10:51:13 AM EST
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