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It's interesting to see all the brouhaha, if not outright pearl clutching, about this intention of potentially "disobeying" some EU rules.

Seen from Brussels, Politico.eu calls it "surprising".

Other right of center folks in France are whipping up a virtuous indignation, summoning EELV to remove 'Europe' (the first 'E' in EELV) from their name, for the unforgivable sin of hooking up with Mélenchon, who has shown quite a bit of euroskepticism.

It would be of course impolite to point out that "disobeying" some EU rules has been a discussion within EELV for several years, for those who were paying attention: Julien Bayou published a book about it back in 2018.

Also, many in Brussels, at the Parliament or the Commission, could easily point out several "EU rules" that Macron's government has also 'disobeyed', just like previous governments from Hollande or Sarkozy in the past (France is France).

Smaller EU countries haven't failed to notice that it's easier to get away with it when you are one of the biggest EU countries, like France or Germany.

by Bernard (bernard) on Tue May 3rd, 2022 at 05:30:22 PM EST
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