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'Sapere aude'

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U.S. Mission | OAS Member States Condemn Russian Attack on Ukraine, 25 Feb
Remarks by Bradley A. Freden, Interim U.S. Permanent Representative
We urge all countries in the Hemisphere to join us in strongly and publicly condemning Russia's  aggression and affirming  our support for Ukraine.  We ask that you call on Russia through every possible channel to cease its hostilities.

We must remain united in our message to Russia:  the territory of a sovereign state cannot be seized by force of arms.   Borders cannot be redrawn at gunpoint.  Russia's military aggression is illegal and unacceptable to the civilized world.

We call on all democratic countries to press Russia to halt its military operations in Ukraine immediately, return its troops and equipment to Russia, and cease all further aggression against Ukraine, including its ongoing cyber attacks.

We look forward to working with other OAS member states to uphold the values of the international system and support a return to the status que ante.

Grey Zone multipolarista | Nicaragua's Sandinista gov't expels OAS, calling it US 'colonial instrument' of coups and invasions, 24 Apr
Managua also declared its immediate withdrawal from the organization, stating clearly, "Nicaragua is not a colony of anyone, therefore it is not part of the Ministry of the Colonies." [...] This initiated a formal withdrawal process that would have taken two years. But in a fiery speech on April 24, Foreign Minister Denis Moncada declared that Nicaragua was leaving the OAS immediately, blasting it as a "deceitful agency of the State Department of yankee imperialism."
Nicaragua expropriates OAS building, will replace it with 'Museum of Shame' documenting imperialist crimes, 28 Apr
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