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G20 Summit a diplomatic minefield for host Indonesia | Asia Times - Apr 1, 2022 |

JAKARTA, Indonesian President Joko Widodo is sticking to what critics complain is his naïve belief he can convince the G20 leaders to set the Ukraine war aside and focus solely on the economic issues that spawned the growth of the organization in the first place in 1999. 

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said allowing Putin to take his seat at the G20 would be a "step too far" after Russia's ambassador to Jakarta Lyudmila Vorobieva revealed Putin intended to accept Widodo's formal invitation, which he made last November at the Rome summit.

Widodo's naivety extends to Indonesian politicians and even some academics who have called on him to use his position as president of the G20 to resolve the Ukrainian conflict instead of simply acting as what legislator Effendi Simbolon referred to as an "event organizer."

"Putin is not going to the G20," one former senior US State Department official told Asia Times. "It's impossible. I just can't imagine him attending. It's simply not going to happen."

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All G20 leaders, including Putin, invited to Indonesia summit - minister | Tass |

The leaders of all G20 countries have been invited to the upcoming summit in Indonesia, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said on Thursday.

When asked whether Putin will be present at the G20 summit scheduled to take place on Indonesia's resort island of Bali, the minister replied: "Well, we [have] invited." She added that invitation to top-level events are sent beforehand.

"Now all the countries in G20 have received their invitations," she added.

"In terms of arranging the meeting itself, just like what we had yesterday, it was not easy, but, in the end, they are all in the same room. But if you don't agree and you want to express this <...>, you walk out," she said, apparently referring to a decision by some delegates to leave Wednesday's meeting of G20 finance ministers and Central Bank chiefs during the speech of Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, who participated in the event via a video linkup.

"That's another expression of the politics, but it doesn't prevent us from talking about the substance which is important," the Indonesian minister said. "So this should be manageable and doable."

Bloomberg reported earlier, citing own sources, that the United States had demanded that Indonesia exclude Russian President Vladimir Putin from participation in the upcoming G20 summit, warning that otherwise some countries might send lower level delegations to the meeting.

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Bullying tactics continues across Asia ...

Indonesia under pressure from US to include Ukraine at G20 summit | SCMP |

The United States is among nations pressing Indonesia to include Ukraine as a guest at the Group of 20 summit in November, frustrated at Jakarta's refusal to withdraw an invitation for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The shift in tactics shows the diplomatic wrangling confronting Indonesia as G20 host this year, and the dilemma for member states including the US given Putin's war in Ukraine, now entering its third month. Russia is a member of the G20, alongside countries like China and India, which have not joined sanctions on Moscow for its aggression.

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