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Timofei Sergeitsev is well known in Ukraine and presidential campaign circles ... responses on an Ukrainian website RFERL Svoboda.

"Appearance with guilt." Runet reads "manifesto of Russian fascism" | RFERL |

Igor Gretsky:

Let me remind you, this is the same political technologist who for many years selflessly worked on pro-Kremlin projects like Prokhorov or Yanukovych. Since the early 2000s, he has voiced Putin's already familiar theses about Ukraine: its "external governance," its "civil war"; about hints at the consequences of decommunization and de-Sovietization in the form of loss of territories, etc. He also pushed the idea of Ukraine as an "instrument of shock to Russia." After the Orange Revolution, he predicted a "lemon revolution" led by Yulia Tymoshenko, which was supposed to make Ukraine a "completely puppet state."

And now about the article itself. It is absolutely cannibalistic. Following in the footsteps of the Italian fascists and the German Nazis, the author justifies national violence. The text essentially justifies the genocide of Ukrainians. But the article is not just about Ukraine. There is an equal sign between Nazism and Europeanization. Consequently, the search for "Nazis" will be not only in Ukraine, but in Russia as well. That is, Russians who considered the European path of development possible for their country will be forced to "part with their pro-European illusions."

Vadim Fulmacht:

In 1999, I had the opportunity to listen to Timofey Sergeytsev's speeches at Artek [Арте́к],  where I was briefly involved as a young man as part of the Street Television project (this was a preparation for Kuchma's election campaign, which I did not yet know about). Sergeytsev spoke very brightly. Dmitry Kulikov, if I'm not mistaken, was also there. These are not some half-witted fanatics like [Alexandre] Dugin and [Sergei] Glazyev, but real intellectuals, very erudite.

Sergeytsev and Co. are professional political technologists, absolutely cynical. However, as shown by the results of their wards in the elections in Ukraine (for example, the result of Yatsenyuk in 2009), they are not able to influence the voter, but are well able to enchant the customer. Hence the obvious conclusion: Sergeytsev's manifesto reflects the main customer's ideas about beauty (in the opinion of Timothy). I do not rule out that this customer has not yet made a choice and has not provided a budget, so Sergeytsev's text is something like a "test task".

Dmitry Shusharin:

Timofey Sergeytsev's article is useful in its own way, both for its frankness and the author's belonging to a fraudulent and fascist - yes, this combination - subculture associated with the names of father and son Shchedrovitsky. The younger one has been training Sergei Kirienko for more than twenty years, which is very significant.

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