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Poland To Buy At Least 32 F-35s As US Buying Spree Continues | Defense News - Sept. 2019 |

Lockheed execs have said they expect to have 500 F-35s in Europe by 2030, part of a massive flow of the fifth-gen fighter to the continent. Poland will receive aircraft with Block 4 software, allowing each plane to carry six missiles internally, an upgrade from the original four.

The deal comes as Polish President Andrzej Duda has pushed to form a closer relationship with the US, particularly with President Trump. Duda is a fellow traveler when it comes to core issues like opposition to immigration, a distrust of the European Union, and calling into question large, multinational agreements and treaties

President Duda was given the star treatment in June when he visited the White House, where he agreed with President Trump to establish six small bases spread across Poland to house US troops, along with the announcement of about 1,000 more soldiers to roll through the country on a rotational basis. They'll join the 4,500 US troops already in Poland. 

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