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Spoehr manages to make a couple of points, but by and large I wouldn't trust the Heritage Foundation to make an honest assessment if you nailed the truth to their tongues.  Kids are out of shape so we need more sports programs, but he doesn't mention that sports don't necessarily lead to good physical health or that the Heritage Foundation routinely opposes funding for such community programs.  He says the Afghanistan withdrawal hurt recruiting, but he ignores that was a bomb that would eventually go off but the military did nothing to defuse it (He also ignores how unattractive the possibility of deployment to Afghanistan was to normal young person and the drawbacks of filling your ranks with rednecks who just want to "shoot up some ragheads".).  He says civic education is atrocious (He's right about that.), but he ignores that the Heritage Foundation is one of the leaders of blocking the teaching of actual history, as opposed to American Christian Exceptionalism.  He says kids think being in the military will interfere with college, but ignores that the real problem is that The Blessed St. Ronnie Ray-Gunz gutted the GI Bill.

So the Heritage Foundation thinks there is a recruitment shortage.  But the Heritage Foundation's policies both drive the need for more recruitment and undermine solutions to recruiting problems.

by rifek on Thu May 26th, 2022 at 06:14:51 PM EST
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