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The early results are in and the early trends indicate that:

  1. Sinn Fein are on course to hold their seats or even gain a couple and become the largest party in N. Ireland entitled to the First Minister role.

  2. The DUP are likely to lose seats to the hardline Traditional Voice (TUV) party and the centrist Alliance Party.

  3. The Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) and Social Democrat and Labour party (SDLP) are both likely to lose seats and the Greens could lose both of their current two seats.

  4. Turnout, at 63.4% is slightly down on 2017, but the electorate has increased by 10%, so the total number of votes cast is substantially up.  Some of the increase in the registered electorate is due to the fact that the government introduced a £100 spend local scheme to help the retail sector during the pandemic - but you had to be a registered voter to get it! Many will have registered without intending to vote, but many will also have voted because the barrier of registration had been overcome.

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