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First Preference votes

Sinn Féin 29.0%  +1.1% since 2017
Democratic Unionist Party 21.3% -6.7%
Alliance Party 13.5%  +4.5%
Ulster Unionist Party 11.2%  -1.7%
Social Democratic & Labour Party 9.1% -2.9%
Traditional Unionist Voice 7.6% +5.1%
Green Party 1.9% -0.4%
Aontú 1.5% +1.5%
People Before Profit 1.1% -0.6%
Others 3.7%

In summary:
Sinn Fein exceeded expectations and increased its vote.
The DUP did better than polling had indicated but still lost 6.7% of heir vote
The Alliance Part did worse than polling had indicated but still grew their vote and seat numbers substantially
The Ulster Unionist Party continued its long decline and may even fail to have their leader re-elected.
The Social Democrat and Labour Party was squeezed between the rising formally non-aligned Alliance Party and Sinn Fein.
The hard line TUV tripled its vote but failed to win any more seats because no one else will transfer lower preference votes to them.
The Green party lost it's two seats to the Alliance "surge".
Aontú, a new conservative catholic anti-abortion party barely registered and got no seats.
The left wing People before profit party's vote declined but they may hold their seat in West Belfast.

I will post a comment on seat numbers when these are finalised later today.

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