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The political corruption is nauseating ... playing with people's lives ... corruption in the highest places of state. So much has already been divulged over the blood diamond's trade by Israeli oligarchs ... quid pro quo, it didn't take long for party leaders to take their share while in office.

So many more names not yet linked ....

"Dan Gertler Takes Role of Maurice Tempelsman"

In 2000, former Congolese president Laurent Kabila (father of Joseph) offered Gertler's International Diamond Industries (IDI) a monopoly on Congolese diamonds, and 88% of the proceeds, worth billions in exchange for Israeli military assistance. Congolese military officials flew to Israel to negotiate the deal.

After the assassination of Laurent Kabila in January 2001, the deal was "repealed."

In The Netherlands ...

Fleurette Africa Resources I BV located in The Hague was founded in 2013 by Robert Edgar Drieduite, Eles Dobronsky and Haim Judah Michael Levy.

The ex-tax official and former employee of the Ministry of Finance is playing a crucial role in a case involving large-scale bribery in the diamond trade in Congo of controversial Israeli billionaire and diamond trader Dan Gertler. Expert in tax havens and moving wealth to overseas destinations.

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Intelligence ties run wide and deep ...

A People's History of Congo's Jean-Pierre Bemba | Toward Freedom - Sept 18, 2007 |

The George W. Bush action supported the Joseph Kabila government and its backers-at the expense of competing interests: Russian arms dealer Victor Bout's ties to multiple combatants in DRC involved interests aligned with the Democratic National Committee that have backed guerrilla warfare in Sudan, Rwanda and Congo.

The ascension of Israeli-American diamond kingpins Beny Steinmetz and Dan Gertler displaced the DeBeers and the Oppenheimers monopoly out of South Africa, and Maurice Tempelsman, and these latter interests have likely been using Jean-Pierre Bemba to leverage access to minerals and contracts in the Kasai and Katanga provinces.

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