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Protesters call for cancellation of state funeral for Japan's Abe | Al Jazeera |

"Abe's policies supported war," demonstrator Mayumi Ishida said on Friday, noting that Abe consistently sought to raise defence spending.

Like others at the protest, Ishida said he feared Abe's views heralded a step back to the days of Japan's militarism preceding World War II.

State funerals in Japan have been historically reserved for the emperor.

Yoshiko Kamata, a part-time worker at a convenience store, acknowledged the state funeral could not be stopped, but it was an opportunity to drive home her message that Abe never stood with the people.

"We want to show where we stand," she said, noting dictators were being invited to the state funeral.

"Just because he is dead, we aren't going to forgive Abe."

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The Atrocity Election: A Ballardian Forecast | by gmoke on Sep 26th, 2016 |

The links between consumerism and fascism are becoming commonplace with late stage capitalism in a world ecosystem collapsing under the thoughtless appetites of the human population as we see political violence and 24/7/365 mediated lone wolf and small group criminally insane terrorism.  In this book Ballard combines the mall with mob politics.  He does not really provide any answers but JG Ballard does have a detailed definition of the problem.

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