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... The critical event that likely triggered the process leading to Abe's assassination was the NATO summit in Madrid (June 28-30).

The NATO summit was a moment when the hidden players behind the scenes laid down the law for the new global order. NATO is on a fast track to evolve beyond an alliance to defend Europe and to become an unaccountable military power, working with the Global Economic Forum, the billionaires and the bankers around the world, as a "world army," functioning much as the British East India Company did in another era.

The demands made of Japan were suicidal in nature. Japan was to increase economic sanctions on Russia, to prepare for possible war with Russia, and to prepare for a war with China. Japan's military, intelligence and diplomatic functions were to be transferred to the emerging blob of private contractors gathering for the feast around NATO.

We do not know what Abe did during the week before his death. Most likely he launched into a sophisticated political play, using of all his assets in Washington D.C., Beijing, and Moscow--as well as in Jerusalem, Berlin, and London, to come up with a multi-tiered response that would give the world the impression that Japan was behind Biden all the way, while Japan sought out a détente with China and Russia through the back door.

The problem with this response was that since other nations had been shut down, such a sophisticated play by Japan made it the only major nation with a semi-functional executive branch.

Abe's death parallels closely that of Seoul's mayor Park Won Sun, who went missing on July 9th, 2020, exactly two years before Abe's assassination. Park took steps in Seoul City Hall to push back on the COVID-19 social distancing policies that were being imposed by the central government. His body was found the next day and the death was immediately ruled a suicide resulting from his distress over charges of sexual harassment by a colleague....

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pmindia.gov.in | PM's speech at inauguration of Akhil Bhartiya Shiksha Samagam in Varanasi, 7 July low frequency scandal rippling the innerboobs

As you are aware the basic premise of the National Education Policy is to take education out of narrow thinking and to integrate it with the modern ideas of the 21st century. There was never a dearth of intellect and talent in our country. But, unfortunately, we inherited a system where education meant only securing jobs. During their rule, the British provided this education system to prepare a servant class for themselves to meet their needs. Though there were minor changes in it after independence, much remained unchanged. The system created by the British was never part of Indian ethos and it can't be. If we look at the ancient times of our country, we had the concept of different arts in education. And Banaras is a living example of this. Banaras was the center of knowledge not only because it had good Gurukuls and educational institutions. Banaras was the center of knowledge because knowledge and education here was multi-dimensional and multi-sector. This diversity in education should also be the source of inspiration for our education system. We should not only create degree-holder youth, but prepare an education system which should provide whatever human resources needed for the country to move forward. Our teachers and educational institutions should take a lead in this resolve. The faster our teachers imbibe this spirit, the more the youth and the students will benefit and so will be the future of the country. ...

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