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Harpers Declares It's Over - The 'American Century' Is Gone | MofA |

The lead essay in the edition, by one Daniel Bessner, is headlined:

Empire Burlesque

What comes after the American Century?

For the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States confronts a nation whose model--a blend of state capitalism and Communist Party discipline--presents a genuine challenge to liberal democratic capitalism, which seems increasingly incapable of addressing the many crises that beset it. China's rise, and the glimmers of the alternative world that might accompany it, make clear that Luce's American Century is in its final days. It's not obvious, however, what comes next. Are we doomed to witness the return of great power rivalry, in which the United States and China vie for influence? Or will the decline of U.S. power produce novel forms of international collaboration?

In these waning days of the American Century, Washington's foreign policy establishment--the think tanks that define the limits of the possible--has splintered into two warring camps. Defending the status quo are the liberal internationalists, who insist that the United States should retain its position of global armed primacy. Against them stand the restrainers, who urge a fundamental rethinking of the U.S. approach to foreign policy, away from militarism and toward peaceful forms of international engagement.

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