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Pravdasplainin Rep. Victoria Spartz

Not Only SAPO: Kyiv Should Pay Attention to Spartz's Demands Despite Conflict with Her, 13 July

Her public demands on Kyiv reflect the line of a Republican Party wing. They are trying to get President Biden into a zugzwang: to accuse him that he can neither ignore nor fix them without losing ratings.
When the statements and the first letters of Victoria Spartz appeared, Ukrainian Americanists wondered whether she was acting independently or if it was part of a larger game, a game against Ukraine.
Therefore, everyone who will start convincingly saying that American assistance can be spent inefficiently in Ukraine and that Biden is to blame for ignoring the lack of control and flaws with democracy will get political points. It doesn't matter if they can provide facts about corruption or only suspicions. It will be enough.

Kyiv needs to build a counter-defense against allegations of fund misuse. It should prove to the Biden administration that American money really works. The U.S. administration has to be sure about it even when it itself cannot monitor it due to the war.

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Spartz vs Yermak: What Caused Scandalous Allegations in U.S. Congress, 20 July "Tea Party" co-founder
one can speak of playing politics by Spartz herself, who is worried that she has parted with the Trumpists way too much, which is dangerous before the elections in November.
by Cat on Fri Jul 22nd, 2022 at 11:52:39 PM EST
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