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Who owns Gazprom Germania (GPG) and what are the Consequences

In 2020, the sales and trading company Wingas - according to the last annual report published in the Federal Gazette - sold around 700 TWh in trading and sales in Germany and neighboring European countries. Its market share in Germany is likely to be around 20 percent. It mainly supplies large industrial companies and municipal utilities. Astora is the second largest storage operator in Germany, with two storage facilities in Rehden and Jemgum. In Austria, it also operates the Haidach storage facility.

Immediately after Habeck announced his decision, BNetzA President Klaus Müller commented on his authority's new role only in very general terms: "We are aware of the responsibility for secure gas supplies that this task entails. Our goal will be to ensure that Gazprom Germania is managed in the interests of Germany and Europe. We intend to take all necessary steps to further ensure security of supply. The business of Gazprom Germania and its subsidiaries is to be continued in this sense in a controlled manner."

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