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Lack of gas becomes an electricity problem | Tagesschau |

Around 13 percent of the gas is used to generate electricity. After the nuclear power plants were shut down at the end of the year, this could lead to power supply bottlenecks - even blackouts.

At the energy supplier N-ERGIE in Nuremberg, Rainer Kleedörfer is anxiously looking forward to the coming winter. Since less and less gas from Russia has been coming to us in Germany, the head of corporate development sees the security of supply for his around two million customers at risk: "We expect that we will have to turn off the electricity in individual districts by the hour."

A gloomy scenario that many energy suppliers and public utilities in Germany fear. Because if there is no gas, there could soon not only be a heat problem, but also an electricity problem. The reason is the electricity mix in Germany. After all, almost half of the electricity is generated from renewable energies. But the rest is generated from other sources. A third comes from coal, six percent from nuclear power plants and at least 13 percent from gas.

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