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EU Regulation Liberalization Energy Market

Pretty damaging to consumers especially in the country of conservative Mark Route and his free market political party honoring big, bigger, biggest multinational corporations. No taxation for the super rich ...

Critical utilities were owned by the state or cities for delivery gas and electricity. My contract was with ENECO, it was sold to a Japanese Investment group. So I switched to a green energy group in Holland with wind and solar farms.

My one year contract ended end of January 2022. Got a first offer mid October but I would miss my fulfillment of contact bonus so I stayed. In late fall the prices started to rise and my next offer was end of December (unacceptable high). Surprisingly the prices eased in January and I got a new 3-year offer. I accepted within the hour. Every new contract on the market was quite unattractive as they were for flexible pricing only. 😠.

How lucky are the consumers in England, France and Germany for capping the energy prices. Not so in the Netherlands, an important cause for highest inflation in Europe. Scandalous.

The Hague is putting the pressure on employers not to increase the salaries as that would further exacerbate inflation and the cost of living ... gone through this episode in the seventies. Vivid memories.

Energy pricing

Costs    electricity   gas
2021        0.15      0.77
October     0.23      0.90
December    0.54      1.93
January     0.30      1.59

Proposed monthly payment €630,- in December. 😖 Today it is beyond crazy ... many up to middle income suffer, businesses with gas ovens are shutting down as are industrial companies production based on gas furnaces. This winter will be worse. Germany has a modest regulation for pricing taking a year's average?

I was quite surprised to read the modest energy price and increase by Rhein Energie ...

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Fri Aug 5th, 2022 at 12:34:41 PM EST
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