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Trump's Cabinet of Horrors

Congressional hearings kick off for those who will lead our government's top agencies. Earth has reason to worry.

But hey, the Democrats of HRC and her backers in the Intelligence Community were fixated on their loss of the presidency. Their act in US Congress was to unseat Trump through a false narrative of "Putin did it" or RussiaGate. The pro-Clinton bias by the Ukrainian lobby was not a matter of investigation, nor the real nudge factor by foreign funding of Arab states combined with Israel as revenge for the JCPOA nuclear deal, nor the effort coordinated by John Bannon, Facebook and Cambridge Analytics in Texas.

Joe Biden and his corrupt foreign policy of Colour revolutions, regime change and the overthrow of a democratically chosen leader in Kyiv in 2014 which led Europe and the World into a disaster scenario of today.

America is turning fascist, taking Europe down with it as a preferred theater for a hot war. National interest of a expiring hegemon.

A running list of how President Trump is changing environmental policy | National Geographic - 2017/19 |

The Trump administration has promised vast changes to U.S. science and environmental policy--and we're tracking them here as they happen.

In 2017, the arrival of the Trump Administration brought a flurry of changes to U.S. environmental policy--from the decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement to cutting federal funding for science and the environment initiatives.

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