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How Palestinian strongman Mohammed Dahlan midwived a shadowy Emirati-Serbian partnership | Al Araby - May 2021 |

Behind the UAE-Serbia love affair and their murky business ties stands shady Palestinian strongman Mohammed Dahlan - a man with a thousand lives, faces, and crimes, according to Jakšić and Dahlan's enemies. 

A former Fatah spy chief in Gaza who has been living in exile in the UAE, Dahlan has been accused of financial embezzlement by Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas, as well as involvement in assassination attempts on former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

Dahlan is also wanted by Turkey, for his alleged role in the failed 2016 coup, with $1.3m offered for his arrest.

Dahlan reportedly works as a security advisor to Sheikh Zayed and has been his key man in the Balkans.

The Israeli assassin who teamed up with Mohammad Dahlan | Ynet News - Oct. 17, 2018 |

Palestinian Mohammad Dahlan most likely bought by Israeli Mossad.

Geopolitical Influences of External Powers in the Western Balkans | HCSS - Jan. 2021 |

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