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The UK, NATO HQ and Washington DC frustrated any and all efforts to prevent outbreak of hostilities and put in an all out effort to Stop the War. EU president Macron was the single person to do his utmost to discuss a solution with the Kremlin. He received no backing and as war started, Zelensky was held prisoner to support the NATO strategy and all negotiation for at least a ceasefire were short lived. Zelensky held captive by domestic forces and his NATO allies.  Ukraine be doomed as a proxy battlefield shedding too much blood for Biden's fantasy of a NWO in 21st century Pax Americana or Trump's MAGA.

Ukraine crisis: Corbynites criticise Nato expansion | The Times / WSWS - Feb. 24, 2022 |

The prime minister has called on Sir Keir Starmer to remove the whip from Labour MPs who signed a letter condemning Nato's eastern expansion.

Eleven Labour MPs backed demands from the Stop the War coalition for the government to "change its policy, and start working for peace, not confrontation". The letter accused the British government of "aggressive posturing" and "sabre-rattling".

The Labour MPs who have signed it include prominent figures from the left of the party, including John McDonnell, the former shadow chancellor, Diane Abbott, the former shadow home secretary, Richard Burgon, the former shadow justice secretary, and Ian Lavery, the former party chairman.

List of signatories: Stop the War statement on the crisis over Ukraine

Stop the War opposes any war over Ukraine, and believes the crisis should be settled on a basis which recognises the right of the Ukrainian people to self-determination and addresses Russia's security concerns.

Our focus is on the policies of the British government which have poured oil on the fire throughout this episode. In taking this position we do not endorse the nature or conduct of either the Russian or Ukrainian regimes.

The British government has talked up the threat of war continually, to the point where the Ukraine government has asked it to stop.

Unlike the French and German governments, it has advanced no proposals for a diplomatic solution to the crisis, and has contributed only sabre-rattling.

Indeed, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has even accused those seeking a peaceful settlement of preparing "another Munich."

Instead, the British government has sent arms to Ukraine and deployed further troops to Eastern Europe, moves which serve no purpose other than inflaming tensions and indicating disdain for Russian concerns.

It has also declared that Ukraine has a "sovereign right" to join NATO, when no such right exists to join it or any other military alliance.

Britain needs to change its policy, and start working for peace, not confrontation.
Stop the War believes that Russia and Ukraine should reach a diplomatic settlement of the tensions between them, on the basis of the Minsk-2 agreement already signed by both states.

It believes NATO should call a halt to its eastward expansion and commit to a new security deal for Europe which meets the needs of all states and peoples.

We refute the idea that NATO is a defensive alliance, and believe its record in Afghanistan, Yugoslavia and Libya over the last generation, not to mention the US-British attack on Iraq, clearly proves otherwise.

We support all efforts to reach new arms control agreements in Europe and to move towards nuclear disarmament across the continent.

We urge the entire anti-war movement to unite on the basis of challenging the British government's aggressive posturing and direct its campaigning to that end above all.

Jeremy Corbyn MP

Claudia Webbe MP

LONDON, date Februari 18, 2022

Last Ditch Effort to Prevent War in Europe

US and UK members of the OSCE SMM mission leave their posts in the Donbas ...

US Evacuating Americans From OSCE Ukraine Special Monitoring Mission | Kyiv Post - Feb. 11, 2022 |

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