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July 2022 bootstraps

While the $750B Lugano venture capital pitch idles, EU is accepting pirate guideline advice from Ukraine's Justice Minister Denys Maliuska -- graduate of the 9/11 School of Occasional Sovereign Immunities Law.

EU freezes Russian assets worth €13.8 billion, but struggles to move towards seizure | EurActiv |

Retribution for losers only .. however that is not the case for Afghanistan. So I imagine those who own the banks and the system will always be victor and rules don't bind them.

Who still owes what for the two World Wars? | CNBC - March 2015 |

Relations between Germany and Greece hit a new low last week after the Athens government said it would pursue reparations from Germany for war crimes committed by Nazi troops in World War II. Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tspiras, stated that Germany had "never properly paid reparations for the damage done," according to Reuters.

It was only last week, that the U.K. government announced that they had finally finished paying back their debt loan from World War I.

    Originally issued with a coupon of 5 percent, the bond was converted into a lower coupon issue of 3.5 percent in 1932, after the UK's debt mountain became unsustainably high. The Debt Management Office estimates that Britain has paid some £5.5 billion in total interest on the 5 percent and 3.5 percent war loans since 1917.

    "In 1914, the national debt was £650 million, but by the end of the war it was around £7 billion and it was financed by bond issuance," said head of retail fixed income at M&G Investments, Jim Leaviss.

So the settle reparations and sovereign debt, I'm looking at 2130 for final settlement.

The ceased assets are peanuts compared to war damage, cost of buying US and NATO weapons and munitions and still minor compared to the economic damage to Europe's economy, rising cost of energy and food.

Spain sets the example to tax the war profiteering of banks, fossil fuel suppliers and hopefully will compensate all the people by higher salaries and pensions.

The train left the station on 24-02-2022 and the planet is not likely to recover this century.

Reparations due to a violent end of colonial regime 75 years ago are still in a legal process ...

Wisah Binti Silan et al. v. The State of The Netherlands (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Wed Jul 13th, 2022 at 07:24:22 AM EST

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