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Blue/Border/Free State Maryland
waiting on distribution of $6B of unobligated CARES fed funds (d/b/a state "surplus") FY July 2022/23

[Maglev] Hogan touts transportation aid during his tenure, but counties say it still lags, 18 Aug

The president of the Maryland Association of Counties [MACo] said Thursday that a "significant increase" in state transportation aid represents a good start but more is still needed. ... the underlying formula governing that aid is lower than where it was before cuts were made more than a decade ago.
OLD state formula: 30% of total fed funds distributed to 24 county governments; NEW! state formula: 19.8%
Three decades ago, 23 counties would split roughly [75%] of the [federal DOT] aid. The final 25% would go to Baltimore city, which has no state roads.
Interstate 170, "Highway to Nowhere"
[Maglev] Hogan [gov-R], in an unusual opening day conference address, used his time to take one more victory lap for his two terms. Eight years ago, [Maglev] Hogan stood in front of the same group and vowed to restore lost state aid for local transportation projects.

"We prioritized funding for local transportation projects. The previous administration cut highway user [interstate toll] revenues by 90%. I promised you eight years ago if I was elected, we'd try to do something about that," said Hogan.

mass transit: purple line, red line, "Greater Baltimore" express bus system, $10B, 300 mph maglev "mega project"
That funding was slashed by as much as 96 percent under [Martin] O'Malley [gov-D] and the state [Reagan-Dem] legislature to help offset budget shortfalls deficit.
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