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ICYMI, ironically
Discovery of bacterial antibiotic capable of destroying tubercle bacillus
Biologists from the US and Japan have found that bacteria of the species Photorhabdus noenieputensis produce protein molecules that can destroy different strains of tubercle bacillus that are resistant to existing drugs. This compound has been named evibactin, the scientists write in the journal Nature Chemical Biology.

Tuberculosis, along with cancer, ischemia, stroke and heart attack, is one of the main causes of death in the population. This disease occurs when mycobacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis, better known as Koch's bacillus, enters the lungs....

Hello, hypoxia!
Prior to the introduction of the first drugs and vaccines for tuberculosis at the beginning of the last century, millions of people died from the disease every year. In recent years, physicians have recorded the emergence of [antibiotic] resistance in [Mycobacterium tuberculosis] sticks to the action of isoniazid and other drugs for tuberculosis. This forces scientists to look for new ways to fight infection.
Created a nanocatalyst to turn plastic waste into fuel
Scientists have developed nanoparticles based on cerium and ruthenium, which actively interact with polymer molecules inside plastic particles. They break them down into simple hydrocarbons [hydrogen feedstock]. This catalyst can be used to turn plastic waste into fuel. The work was published in the journal ACS Catalysis. The results were announced on Monday by the press service of the American Chemical Society (ACS)....
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