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National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022, 27 Dec 2021
(10) Enhancing security and stability in the Western Balkans [?] is a goal that the United States shares with European allies and partners. The United States should continue its efforts to build interoperability and support institutional reforms of the militaries of the Western Balkan nations, including both NATO allies and partners. The United States should also support those nations' efforts to resist disinformation campaigns, predatory investments, efforts to promote instability, and other means by which Russia and China may seek to influence this region of Europe.
(11) Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are model allies and play a critical role in strategic efforts to ensure continued deterrence against aggression by Russia and maintain the collective security of the NATO alliance. The security of the Baltic region is crucial to the security of the NATO alliance.
(12) The United States should continue to pursue efforts consistent with the comprehensive, multilateral Baltic Defense Assessment of the military requirements of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania issued in December 2020. Robust support to accomplish United States strategic objectives, including by providing assistance to the Baltic countries through security cooperation referred to as the Baltic Security Initiative pursuant to sections 332 and 333 of title 10, United States Code, should be prioritized in the years to come.
EU Observer | Lithuania only EU state to back Pelosi on Taiwan, 3 Aug 2022
"Now speaker Pelosi has opened the door to Taiwan much wider, I am sure other defenders of freedom and democracy will be walking through very soon," Lithuanian foreign minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said on Twitter on Tuesday (2 August).
"In the event of a military invasion [of Taiwan], we have made it very clear that the EU, with the United States and its allies, will impose similar or even greater measures than we have now taken against Russia," Jorge Toledo, the EU's incoming ambassador to China, said on 17 July.
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