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ICRC | ICRC registers hundreds of prisoners of war from Azovstal plant, 19 May boilerplate
The ICRC maintains a confidential dialogue with the parties to the conflict on their obligations under international humanitarian law
vOLdeMoRT | Russia accuses Ukraine of mistreating POWs, 4 Aug
... Russia has taken "painstaking" steps to observe the Geneva Convention on the treatment of POWs, among them holding more than 40 weekly meetings with representatives of the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and establishing a medical commission on seriously ill and injured prisoners. So far, 18 such prisoners were sent back to Ukraine, General Fomin said.
yahoo! Independent | 'Sickening' video appears to show Russian soldier castrating Ukrainian prisoner of war, 29 July
There have also been 27 exchanges of POWs and the bodies of dead servicemen, while the ICRC has received more than 1,500 letters home from the Ukrainian prisoners. Detained Ukrainian soldiers can also make phone calls to their families, Fomin said, all in accordance with Article 71 of the convention
Fomin's press conference came after the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine said it was appalled by a video allegedly showing a Russian soldier castrating a bound and gagged Ukrainian captive. In a statement on Friday, the commission reminded everyone that "torture and summary executions of prisoners of war" are war crimes. The Ukrainian Prosecutor General's office [!] has launched an investigation into the video, to establish where and when it might have taken place.
The Hill | Zelensky says he wants to talk about Russian invasion with China's Xi directly, 4 Aug
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