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Daily Beast | Russia Accused of Blowing up POW Camp Killing 50+ to Cover Up Their War Crimes, 29 July alleged attack with HIMARS rockets

Eva Bartlett, Canadian independent journalist, 5 Aug
"Ukraine Bombed A Donetsk Hotel Full of Journalists", 4 Aug

Politico | Amnesty International's Ukraine head quits after report slamming Kyiv's war tactics, 6 Aug cockroach alert

Oksana Pokalchuk, head of Amnesty International Ukraine, said in a [Meta] Facebook post late Friday that the report "became a tool of Russian propaganda." Pokalchuk said she decided to leave due to disagreement on values [?!] with the leadership of Amnesty International.
Pokalchuk said that Amnesty International's office in Ukraine consistently asked for the report to take into account the position < wipes tears > of the country's Defense Ministry. However, when the group eventually reached out to the ministry, Ukrainian officials were given very little time to respond, she said. Amnesty said on Thursday that it contacted the Defense Ministry on July 29.
< wipes tears >
"As a result, unwittingly [co-conspirators?], the organization created material that sounded like support for Russian narratives," Pokalchuk wrote. "Seeking to protect civilians, this research instead became a tool of Russian propaganda."
South Front | Russia sends data to UN proving Kiev attacked detention center, 5 Aug
"We have called on the UN to immediately give an objective assessment of what happened", Polyanskiy said on his social media." (UNSC presidency, Aug 2022)

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