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Hypocrisy, Holocaust and Abbas

The manufactured outrage over Abbas' remarks obscures Israel's routine exploitation of the Holocaust

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas traveled to Germany, where he held a press conference with German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz.  During the event, he was asked a Gotcha question:

Asked whether as Palestinian leader he planned to apologize to Israel and Germany for the attack ahead of the 50th anniversary, Abbas responded instead by citing allegations of atrocities committed by Israel since 1947.

    "If we want to go over the past, go ahead," Abbas, who was speaking Arabic, told the reporters.

    "I have 50 slaughters that Israel committed in 50 Palestinian villages ... 50 massacres, 50 slaughters, 50 holocausts," he said, taking care to pronounce the final word in English.

Nakba - Ilian Pappe

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