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If the DUP had not changed the Belfast Agreement at St Andrews, it would be unionism nominating for the First Ministers post. But thanks to the changes made at St Andrews, the First Minister is now appointed from the largest party, rather than the largest party of the largest designation. Sinn Fein is now entitled to be appointed to the role of First Minister despite being from the smaller designation.

Diversification on the Unionist side, largest designation?? But not equality in a democracy by admitting the largest party takes the lead to deliver the First Minister which is most common. Just talk to shut out the Catholic vote?

The Ulster Unionist Party: Country Before Party?

NI General election - 2005 - David Trimble UUP reduced to 1 seat.

Another nice paragraph ...

I have said previously that I do not believe there will be a United Ireland in my lifetime or my children's lifetime. I say this because I am confident in the pro-union argument. It's a confidence I maintain because that is my brand of unionism; confident, optimistic and inclusive. That is not to say that the road ahead is easy. The impact of the Northern Ireland Protocol has created instability within the UK. Northern Ireland is now a pawn in a game of chess between the EU and the UK and between One Nation Conservatives and the ERG, with a new Prime Minister who will be desperate for allies from all corners of the party.

A staunch conservative Doug Beattie the main problem in Irish society for centuries ...

"Regardless of what others are saying, there will be no fundamental change in the constitutional position of Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom."

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