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Energy price compared to one year ago - monthly payment increase by €585 for average household. Grand larceny ... Rutte & Co. Eneco is willing to buy surplus solar energy from consumers for €0.09 while selling at €0.98. Net metering policy for solar PV in the Netherlands

Committed to EU free market rules in Brussels for privatization of utilities. Households should be free to choose their energy supplier ... competition and security of supply. Damn you!

The European Union Gas and Electricity Directives - Oct. 2005 [First Electricity Directive 1996]

    Consumers, particularly residential consumers, have little interest in how the electricity and gas sectors are organised. Their primary concern is that the supply of electricity is affordable and reliable and, for some, that it is environmentally sustainable. Choosing an energy supplier is not a pleasurable activity and changing supplier cannot give you better electricity, so consumers will only be interested in competition if it means they can save money.

Japanese investors to buy Dutch utility Eneco for €4.1B | SP Global - Nov. 25, 2019 |

Japanese investors Mitsubishi Corp. and Chubu Electric Power Co. Inc. have agreed to take private Dutch utility Eneco Groep NV in a deal worth €4.1 billion, after a bidding process that attracted the likes of Royal Dutch Shell PLC and KKR & Co. Inc.

The agreement was confirmed in a news release Nov. 25, nearly a year after Eneco and its 44 Dutch municipal shareholders began a process to privatize the company, which owns onshore wind, offshore wind and solar generation assets in Europe and has retail electricity customers in the Netherlands.

Dutch municipalities and regional governments invested in Icelandic Bank #Landsbanki #Icesave ... smart a$$es 😂 balancing profits and losses ... civilians lose.

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