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Reality Is Not What It Seems. And That Might Just Save the Climate | DeSmog |

But back on Earth, anti-science rhetoric and special interests have pushed us to the edge of climate chaos. Unless we act fast, Batalha's grandkids may actually point to the star, exclaim "there's life!", pack their bags, and hop in the nearest space-Uber.

The biggest threat to climate action today is not the industry-funded deniers and skeptics left over from the 1990s. It's the elite business and political leaders who advance incremental solutions to the most radical issue of our time. They say we can't move too quickly lest we disrupt the economic order and throw society into a tailspin. Only a gradual phaseout of fossil fuels is realistic. And anyone who says otherwise is idealistic or naive.

Yet, it must be said now and moving forward: These power brokers are advancing solutions that will assure our mutual destruction. Gradual, incremental action may have worked decades ago, but now it guarantees our passage into a hell realm of runaway climate change.

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by Oui (Oui) on Tue Aug 16th, 2022 at 06:10:38 PM EST

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