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General Assembly of the United Nations
Russian Federation H.E. Mr. Sergey Lavrov, Minister for Foreign Affairs

the United States, declaring victory in the cold war, has behaved as if it has the sacred right to act with impunity whenever and wherever it wants.  Recalling the war of aggression -- in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya -- which claimed many hundreds of thousands of lives, he also asked:  "What is the outcome of the adventurism of the United States in the Middle East?  Has the human rights situation improved?  Is the rule of law better?  Has the socioeconomic situation stabilized?"  Pointing to the quest to spread NATO to the East and bring the military infrastructure to the borders of the Russian Federation, he warned that Washington, D.C., now has the goal of subjugating the Asian areas.  At the June NATO summit in Madrid -- under the slogan of Indo-Pacific Strategy -- it aimed to undermine what has been ASEAN policy for decades, namely open and regional architecture.  In addition, Washington, D.C. -- promising its military support -- is playing with fire around Taiwan.

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No idea why Lavrov skipped Syria as extension of the Libyan adventure ...

Today expansion of NATO into the Indo-Pacific as a security force for American imperialism and protection of global (Western) economic interests.

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by Oui (Oui) on Sun Sep 25th, 2022 at 11:18:26 AM EST

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