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WH PRESS SEC, JEAN-PIERRE?: [@00:19:42] Aurelia, are you able to say yourself?
AURELIA END [AFP]: Can you hear me now? OK, thank you so much for taking my question. My question is about EU energy situation. We're hearing a bunch of European leaders sounding the alarm about the up-coming winter. The EU is going to hold emergency energy talks next week. So I was wondering, how concerned is the White House about this, and is there more the United States can do? And maybe on a broader scale do you feel this could undermine the popular and politic support for Ukraine in Europe?
JOHN KIRBY: Well, each European nation really has to speak for themselves with respect to what everver energy shortages in the fall and winter might have on their support for it. All I can tell you, is what we see from a diplomatic perspective, what we see on the economic fund, frankly, what we see on the security assistance front, um is an impressive, absolutely unchanged sense of resolve and unit of support for Ukraine. But every nation's going to have to speak for that, for themselves.

Well, yes, we're concerned about the manner in which Mr Putin has weaponized energy. Yes, we're concerned about energy, potential energy shortages in Europe as the winter approaches. That's why the president stood up for a task force to try to improve and expand sources of uh energy for the European continent. And while we continue to work with distributors and energy companies around the world to try to alleviate whatever shortages might be in place, might be coming going forward. And this is something we're staying focused on as the fall turns to winter, and we'll be latched up with allies and partners throughout to try to do what we can to alleviate any shortages. But, again, in terms of unity and resolve, we've just seen nothing but determination to continue to support Ukraine. I think everybody understands what the stakes are here. ###

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