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1 Sep daily briefing

Stéphane DUJARRIC:[@00:22:12] Mr Bulkarti?
BULKARTI: Thank you, Stéphane. [The] Russian Defense Ministry today—It's about the IAEA mission to the Zaporzh* power plant— Russian defense minister stated today that the Ukrainian group of sabateurs tried to, attempted to seize, capture the staion in order to  use the [IAEA] mission as a human shield. So they were neutralized according to [RF] defense ministry and the officials of [the] Russian defense ministry expressed "bewilderment," I quote, due to the lack of reaction of the UN secretary-general to this incident. Do you have any reaction in this regard?
DUJARRIC: You know, we're...we are glad that the Russian Federation did what it needed to do to keep our, the inspectors, safe. I think, our security people, our drivers, have done a tremendous job in getting the IAEA inspectors in . They will continue to support the mission until it ends, and it is like with any UN mission, it is the responsibility of those who have power over a certain area and who are responsible for a certain area to keep UN staff safe.###
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