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Let me give you an example. The physical damage to the plant with the exception of the event on the night of the 3rd to the 4th of March, with this fire, the shelling actually started in August. So it is quite clearly a more recent trend, if I can call it that. So what we see with this increase of military activity is that the physical integrity is more compromised. And with that, we ... I take you to the power supply, because it is clear that those who have these aims, these military aims, know very well that the way to cripple or to do more damage is not to look into the reactors which are enormously sturdy and robust but to hit where it hurts. So the plant becomes very, very problematic. So my concern would be the physical integrity [of] the power supply and, of course, the staff.
RIA (Novosti) News, 1 Sep [MAP]
Residents of Ener*odar handed over to the head of the IAEA an appeal to the world community in connection with the Ukrainian shelling - he promised that their call would be heard.

He was also shown a map of Ukrainian strikes on the territory of the nuclear power plant, RIA Novosti correspondent reports.

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