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"Nuclear Safety, Security, and Safeguards in Ukraine," 2nd Summary Report by the Director General, 28 April - 5 September 2022. 52 pp

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by Cat on Tue Sep 6th, 2022 at 03:48:26 PM EST

CNN | IAEA calls for 'safety zone' [Recommendation 1, p 13] ...
Once there, the [ISAMZ] team saw first-hand the damage shelling has caused to the facility and "noted with concern that the shelling could have impacted safety related structures, systems and components, and could have caused safety significant impacts, loss of lives and personnel injuries [p 11]," the report said.

The plant and the area around it, including the town of Enerhodar, have endured persistent shelling that has raised fears of a nuclear accident through the interruption of the power supply to the plant. Each sides accuses the other of acts of nuclear terrorism.
Ukrainian officials on Monday said Russian shelling led to its last operating reactor to disconnect from Ukraine's grid, and President Volodymyr Zelensky later accused Russia of intentionally deteriorating the situation around Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant.

The Ukrainian president said last week that demilitarization of the plant was "the goal of Ukrainian and international efforts."...

Recommendation 2: The IAEA recommends that the physical protection system should be operated as designed and licensed, and that the continued functioning of safety and security systems and operability of the systems and equipment at ZNPP be ensured. This requires the removal of vehicles from areas that could interfere with the operation of safety and security systems and equipment. [p 14]
S Ukraine NPP (SUNPP), Rivne NPP (RNPP), Khmelnytskyy NPP (KhNPP) incident report, 24 Feb - 26 June 2022, p 31 - 32; IAEA-SNRIU assistance, p32 - 39
152. The remaining power reactor site -- Zaporizhzhya --which was occupied by Russian forces, remained inaccessible to the IAEA until September. The Zaporizh* site consists of six reactors, a common fresh fuel store, and a large dry spent fuel storage facility. To provide credible assurances about the non-diversion of declared nuclear material and the peaceful nature of nuclear activities at this site, the IAEA needs to conduct regular in-field verification activities including a yearly physical inventory verification (PIV) of the nuclear material and design information verification of the facilities on the site. [p 41]
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Readovka | The final report of the IAEA mission never mentions shelling of the ZNPP by Ukrainian militants
Today, on September 6, the IAEA published a 52-page report in which it presented in detail the results of its mission to the Zaporozh* NPP. In the document, the experts detailed their assessments of the state of the station and presented the conclusions of their trip.
Conclusions, p 44-45
In particular, the organization recorded a number of damages at the Zaporozhye NPP, including in buildings for the storage of nuclear fuel and waste, and encouraged to prevent shelling of the station because of the threat to its physical integrity, the violation of which could lead to the risk of a "nuclear incident". The experts also stated the need to create "an agreement by all parties to create a protective zone around the station in order to avoid damage."[Recommendation 1, p 13]...
  1. The IAEA has a concrete and detailed technical plan for safety and security assistance to Ukraine's nuclear facilities, and activities involving radioactive sources. In particular it has now started and will continue to deliver equipment primarily under RANET, while continued commitment of Member States and close cooperation between Ukraine and the IAEA will be essential.

  2. Despite challenging circumstances, the IAEA has continued to implement safeguards in Ukraine, including during the ISAMZ, and the IAEA has not found any indication that would give rise to a proliferation concern.
Annex I: Chronology of events since 28 April 2022 [p 46-48]
Events at the ChNPP [19 May - 6 June]
Events at the ZNPP [29 April - 4 Sep]
Events at the SUNPP, RNPP, KhNPP [28 April, 27 June]
Radon Facilities [none]
Events at the KIPT [25 June]
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Politico.eu.com | UN nuclear watchdog calls for security zone around Zaporizhzhia
The agency said it wants to start consultations with Ukraine -- the operator of the plant -- and Russia -- its de facto occupier -- about establishing such a security zone "immediately," as it will require agreement "by all relevant parties." [p 13]
The IAEA implements safeguards at 34 nuclear facilities in Ukraine and more than a dozen locations outside facilities (LOFs) handling smaller amounts of nuclear material. The safeguards implementation effort is concentrated at four NPP sites hosting 15 operational power reactors and at the Chornobyl site, which hosts three shutdown reactors, the reactor damaged in the 1986 accident, and two spent fuel processing and storage facilities. [ p 40]
The report also recommended improving working conditions for some 9,000 Ukrainian staff currently operating the plant, noting that they are "under constant high stress and pressure, especially with the limited staff available.
On 13 March, Ukraine informed the IAEA that at least 11 representatives of the Russian Federation's State Atomic Energy Corporation "Rosatom" were present at the site. On 29 April, the Ukrainian authorities reported that Rosenergoatom—a unit of Rosatom—had sent a group of nuclear specialists to the ZNPP. These specialists requested daily reports from plant management about "confidential issues" on the functioning of the NPP, covering aspects related to administration and management, maintenance and repair activities, security and access control, and management of nuclear fuel, spent fuel and radioactive waste. The IAEA considers that the presence of Rosatom senior technical staff could lead to interference with the normal lines of operational command or authority and create potential frictions when it comes to decision-making. Energoatom operating teams at the plant have been able to rotate in three shifts per day, but the situation has had a negative impact on staff. [...] the operating staff did not have unrestricted access to some areas, such as the spray cooling ponds, roofs of the buildings, and structures in the area of the water intake, and that access to the cooling ponds area was required to be granted by the military personnel at the site.
normal staffing level was 1230 for three shifts, whereas there were currently 907 staff for three shifts
Recommendation 3: The IAEA recommends that an appropriate work environment, including family support, for operating staff should be re-established. Furthermore, as the operator has the prime responsibility for nuclear safety and security, it should be able to fulfil [sic] its mission with clear lines of responsibilities and authorities.[pp 15-16]
"This is not sustainable and could lead to increased human error with implications for nuclear safety," [p 30] the agency warned.
76. Communication between the ZNPP and the SNRIU [State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine] has been severely affected since March with many lines of communication either not functioning or unreliable. Some communication is now possible through mobile phones and email, but there have been no Ukrainian regulatory inspections of the facilities on site.
81. The team was informed that regulatory oversight inspections on site had been suspended by the SNRIU in April 2022 and that, currently, regulatory oversight was conducted only remotely.
Recommendation 7: The IAEA recommends that reliable and redundant communication means and channels, including internet and/or satellite connectivity, should be ensured with all external organizations necessary for the safe and secure operation of the facility. [pp 22-23]
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Ukranews | IAEA Confirms That Russia Located Its Military Equipment Directly In Engine Rooms Of Zaporizhzhia NPP
This is stated in the IAEA published report on the results of the mission to the Zaporizh* NPP.

The report indicates that there are several military trucks on the ground floor of turbine halls in power units Nos. 1, 2.

38. On 2 September, the team verified that all safety systems for Unit 6 were in normal condition during the visit to the main control room of Unit 6. [CAPTION: Military vehicles on the ground floor of the turbine hall of Unit 2 of ZNPP (Photo: IAEA)]
39. The [ISAMZ] team observed the presence of Russian military personnel, vehicles, and equipment at various places at the ZNPP, including several military trucks on the ground floor of the Unit 1 and Unit 2 turbine halls and military vehicles stationed under the overpass connecting the reactor units. The team also observed the presence of an expert group from Rosenergoatom. It was explained to the team by the Ukrainian plant staff and managers that the role of this expert group was to provide advice on nuclear safety, security, and operations to the management of the ZNPP. [pp 13-14]
IAEA believes that the presence of senior technical personnel can lead to interference in the normal operation of operational management and create potential friction in the context of decision-making, the report notes....
Pravda.ua | Zelensky reacted to the IAEA report on the ZNPP: the mission needs a broader mandate to drive out the Russian Federation
Source:  Zelensky's video message
Direct speech: "Regarding IAEA Director General Grossi's proposal to create a protection zone at the station, one must look at the specific content of such an instrument: what exactly can be protection?

If the content of this proposal is to demilitarize the territory of the nuclear power plant—and this is logical, because it was the Russian military presence that put the Zaporizh* station on the brink of a radiation disaster—then we can support such a demilitarized protection zone....

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supra Imagery Support for the ISAMZ (photo): "Russian Military Equipment (Damaged During UAV Strike)"
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Ukraine energy chief: Russia trying to 'steal' nuclear plant, 9 Sep radiation disaster
The Zaporizh* Nuclear Power Plant has been without an outside source of electricity since Monday and receives power for its own safety systems from the only one of its six reactors that remains operational, Enerhoatom [remote] chief Petro Kotin told The Associated Press.

"We are trying to keep this unit running as much as possible, but eventually it will have to be shut down [!] and then the station will switch to diesel generators," he said, adding that such generators are "the station's last defense before a radiation accident."
Kotin said the Russians "have a crazy idea to switch the ZNPP to the Russian power system; in fact they are trying to steal the Zaporizh* Nuclear Power Plant of Ukraine and steal all the electricity it produces." He said the Russians gave the plant management a 10-page plan about three or four weeks ago to connect the plant to the electricity grid in ["temporarily occupied"] Crimea, which Russia seized from Ukraine in 2014.

CNN | Ukraine admits it was behind three explosions in Crimea. Here's what we know, 17 Aug
...The incidents both took place around the Dzhankoi area, described by the British Ministry of Defence as 'a key road and rail junction that plays an important role in supplying Russia's operations in southern Ukraine.'"...
Reuters | Prepare bomb shelters in Crimea, Zelensk* adviser tells residents, 5 Sep
..."In particular, to prepare a bomb shelter, stock up with sufficient amounts of water and charge powerbanks. Everything will be Ukraine," [Mykhailo Podol*ak] wrote on Twitter.
On the same day, the Russians started shelling the power lines that connect the plant to the Ukrainian [?] grid, and on Monday, the last line was cut, Kotin said.
Kotin said the plant has enough diesel fuel for 10 days. After that, about 200 tons of diesel fuel would need to be brought in daily for the generators, which he said was "impossible" while the plant was occupied by Russian forces. He said connecting the plant to the Russian [?] grid also was practically impossible given the hostilities in the area.

"There is no other solution than the de-occupation of the ZNPP, the transfer of the plant to the control of the Ukrainian side or international security organizations," Kotin told AP.

Pravda.ua | Ukraine can return Crimea within the next year - the US general, 9 Sep
Source : Hodges in a Newsweek commentary on the sidelines of the Tbilisi International Conference of the McCain Institute

Direct speech : "Ukrainians saved their country... They set the conditions under which they can restore full sovereignty, including Crimea, I think, within the next year."...

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Poland says Ukraine ready to offer power as coal alternative, 9 Sep
Poland's premier Mateusz Morawiecki and Latvia's President Egils Levits, were in Kyiv for talks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensk* about military and energy security amid the region's efforts to roll back its dependence on Russian energy sources.
"If we are not to burn [coal or tires] in Polish power plants, we could use some energy from Ukraine, if possible. I was told by the president that yes, it will be possible, shortly," Morawiecki said....
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Politico.eu.com | Ukrainian nuclear plant may shut down amid renewed shelling, says [IAEA], 9 Sep
The city of Ener*odar, where most of the facility's staff and families live, is experiencing a complete power blackout, with "no running water, no power, no sewage," Rafael Mariano Grossi, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), said. The situation could have a serious impact "on the availability of essential staff on site to continue to safely and securely operate the nuclear power plant," he warned.

The operator of the Zaporizh* plant [Enerhoatom] "is considering shutting down the only remaining operating reactor," as it no longer has "confidence in the restoration of offsite power," the agency said in a written statement.

Kirby: "We believe that the safest outcome would be a controlled shutdown of the Zaporizh* nuclear power plant reactors"
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rumor is, although ZNPP is not shut down, Saturday, external technicians interrupted supply to territory controlled by UA—at substations?
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