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Readovka | The final report of the IAEA mission never mentions shelling of the ZNPP by Ukrainian militants
Today, on September 6, the IAEA published a 52-page report in which it presented in detail the results of its mission to the Zaporozh* NPP. In the document, the experts detailed their assessments of the state of the station and presented the conclusions of their trip.
Conclusions, p 44-45
In particular, the organization recorded a number of damages at the Zaporozhye NPP, including in buildings for the storage of nuclear fuel and waste, and encouraged to prevent shelling of the station because of the threat to its physical integrity, the violation of which could lead to the risk of a "nuclear incident". The experts also stated the need to create "an agreement by all parties to create a protective zone around the station in order to avoid damage."[Recommendation 1, p 13]...
  1. The IAEA has a concrete and detailed technical plan for safety and security assistance to Ukraine's nuclear facilities, and activities involving radioactive sources. In particular it has now started and will continue to deliver equipment primarily under RANET, while continued commitment of Member States and close cooperation between Ukraine and the IAEA will be essential.

  2. Despite challenging circumstances, the IAEA has continued to implement safeguards in Ukraine, including during the ISAMZ, and the IAEA has not found any indication that would give rise to a proliferation concern.
Annex I: Chronology of events since 28 April 2022 [p 46-48]
Events at the ChNPP [19 May - 6 June]
Events at the ZNPP [29 April - 4 Sep]
Events at the SUNPP, RNPP, KhNPP [28 April, 27 June]
Radon Facilities [none]
Events at the KIPT [25 June]
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