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IAEA | Update 101 - IAEA Director General Statement on Situation in Ukraine, 12 Sep
A second back-up power line to Ukraine's Zaporizh* Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) has been restored, enabling the operator to keep one line in reserve while the other provides the plant with the external electricity it needs for reactor cooling and other essential safety functions during shutdown
the restoration on Saturday of a 330 kilovolt (kV) power line allowed the plant to access off-site electricity from the grid instead of relying on the reactor itself for power. A 750/330 kV line has now also been restored and it is being used to provide the plant with power required for its safety functions, with the restored 330 kV line held in reserve. The two restored lines can both receive power from the grid through the switchyard of a nearby thermal power station.
he ZNPP's four main external power lines are all down and it is not currently providing electricity to households, factories and others.

src: @Azmilitary1 (simplified grid schema: yellow: onshore wind generation shown, others omitted)
by Cat on Tue Sep 13th, 2022 at 07:27:21 PM EST
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