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Politico.eu.com | Russia abducts head of Zaporizh* nuclear plant, operator says, 1 Oct
Ihor Murashov, director general of the power plant [ZNPP], was arrested by Russian patrols on his way from the facility to a nearby town [Ener*odar] on Friday afternoon, according to Energoatom, a state enterprise operating all four nuclear power plants [SUNPP, RNPP, KhNPP, ZNPP] in the country.
September 2022
euronews | Ukraine war: Russian-occupied regions start voting in 'sham referendums', 23 Sep
PBS | Kremlin-led referendum vote concludes, rising Western tensions, 27 Sep
Kherson, Zaporizh*, Luhansk, Donetsk
RFERL | Putin Signs 'Treaties' Formalizing Ukraine Land Grab Amid Global Condemnation, 30 Sep
NATO | Press point with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, 30 Sep
"NATO Allies do not, and will not, recognise any of this territory as part of Russia."
"The vehicle of the Director General of the [Zaporizh* plant] was stopped, he was taken out of the car, and with his eyes blindfolded he was driven in an unknown direction. For the time being there is no information on his fate," Energoatom's head, Petro Kotin, said in a statement.
I demand that the ruscists staying at the ZNPP and Rosatom's personnel, who also stay illegally at the nuclear facility of Ukraine, stop immediately the acts of nuclear terrorism towards the management and personnel of the ZNPP, release the plant's Director General and let him return to his responsibilities on maintaining safe operation of the Zaporizh* NPP.

I appeal to Director General of the IAEA Rafael Grossi and WANO Chairman Tom Mitchell to take all possible immediate actions to urgently free the Director General of the ZNPP from the ruscist captivity and to bring him back to perform his duties.

Say NO to nuclear terrorism of putin's russia!

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has asked for clarification, Reuters reported.

Kotin believes that Russia is planning to transfer the Zaporizh* power plant to Rosatom, the Guardian reported. "They are trying to make our personnel just to sign the accurate deals for the work at Rosatom," [Reuters] quoted him as saying.

The power plant was in ["]the spotlight["] earlier this month [ISZAM 1-3 Sep?] when it was taken off the electricity grid [10 Sep? 11 Sep?] in response to Russian [?] shelling. It is located in one of the areas [Zaporizh* oblast] that Russian President Vladimir Putin has moved to annex.

September 2022
Interfax.ua | Ukrainian special forces destroy warehouse of ballots in Zaporizh* region, 5 Sep
yahoo! Ukrayinska Pravda| Night-time shelling of Zaporizh* damaged 42 private houses and 34 flats, 19 Sep
Telesur | Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson, Zaporozhie Hold Referendums, 22-23 shelling
yahoo! Ukrainska Pravda | Zaporizh* attack: Number of casualties rises to 9, people spent night in bus, 24 Sep
al mayadeen | Referendum in Kherson to continue despite deadly Ukrainian shelling, 25 Sep
IAEA | Animals likely triggered three landmine explosions close to Ukraine's Zaporizh* Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) , 28 Sep
Kharkiv region reported that about 30 people were killed when the Ukrainian military shelled a refugee convoy, 29 Sep
NY Post | Russian missile strike on civilian convoy kills 30 outside Zaporizh*, 30 Sep
RT | 24 killed and 36 wounded, 30 Sep
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