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It was not immediately clear if the team would be allowed access to the nuclear site by occupying Russian forces.
This statement is incorrect.

Let's recap. The RF captured the Chernobyl NPP 24 Feb (while all 5 Eyes were on Ki*v). No Ukrainian NPP employees were injured or relieved of their duties. The RF transferred maintence of the decomissioned plant to Ukraine by 31 Mar. The RF captured the Zaporizh* NPP 4 Mar (while all 5 Eyes were on BUCHA!). IAEA published Chernobyl inspection in end of April without fanfare.  

Zaporizh* was generating power until 25 Aug, when Ukrainan engineers disconnected the plant from the regional grid. The RF requested Zaporizh* inspection in June and has since delivered packages to Grossi et al. of what they believe to be documentary evidence of Ukraine (misguided) artillery fire into the plant and surrounding residential area under RF missile-defense systems.

And not to put too fine a point on that RFERL's studied ignorance, DOD's anonymous SENIOR DEFENSE OFFICIAL admitted (above)

we also have U.S. scientists that are monitoring radiation sensor data at the power plant
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