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express & star | Woman arrested after protester holds anti-monarchy sign in Edinburgh, 9/11
She held a sign saying "f*** imperialism, abolish monarchy". Officers appeared behind her and took her away, prompting the crowd to applaud. One man shouted: "Let her go, it's free speech," while others yelled: "Have some respect."
During the first proclamation of Charles, the Lord Lyon King of Arms gave a speech before declaring "God save the King", which the crowd repeated.
Newsqueak | King Charles Protesters Arrested in U.K.--'Outrageous Assault on Democracy', 12 Sep
Two anti-royalist protesters were arrested in the U.K. over the weekend amid King Charles III's ascension to the throne, with one activist calling the moves "an outrageous assault on democracy"
[...]One anti-royalist protester who got arrested on Sunday was close to a remembrance ceremony at Mercat Cross in Edinburgh, by St Giles' Cathedral, where the Queen's coffin will lie on Monday.
Symon Hill, 45, was also arrested for shouting "who elected him?" during a reading of a proclamation in Oxford, England on Sunday. ...Speaking to The Guardian, Hill said: "I don't think I've ever seen anyone arrested on such threadbare grounds, let alone experienced it myself.
A Thames Valley police spokesperson said: "A 45-year-old man was arrested in connection with a disturbance that was caused during the county proclamation ceremony of King Charles III in Oxford.
archived Tue Mar 16th, 2021, BoJo Parliament, retrieved 17 Aug 2022
"He has subsequently been de-arrested < wipes tears > and is engaging with us voluntarily as we investigate a public order offense. The man was arrested on suspicion of a public order offense [under section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986]."
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