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Ukriform | IAEA mission should achieve demilitarization of ZNPP - Zelensky, 2 Sep
The president said this in his address to the participants in the annual international economic Ambrosetti Forum.
"Obviously, the occupiers felt that in the presence of a free media it would be impossible to lie to the IAEA and the whole world. Free media scares Russia. And this says everything at once - if you do not allow independent journalists to the plant, it means you are definitely aware of your responsibility for the catastrophe that the plant is on the verge of, and you are afraid that the world will draw conclusions about your responsibility," Zelensk* said.
Ukriform | Russians lie and hinder activities of IAEA mission at Zaporizhzhia NPP - Energoatom
According to Energoatom, most 'global media' representatives who came to Zaporizh* NPP yesterday were Russian propagandists. Buses with Ukrainian and foreign journalists attempting to access the plant together with the IAEA mission from the territory of Ukraine were not allowed through the Russian checkpoint.
In addition, the IAEA mission was not allowed to enter the Zaporizh* NPP emergency response center, where armed Russian troops are remaining now. Thus, some armed Russian soldiers were simply 'hidden' at the plant, as the IAEA representatives were not supposed to see them. Energoatom emphasized the IAEA mission was offered a 'staged performance', in which the so-called 'Ener*odar residents' were complaining of shelling, allegedly by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
"We understand that, under such conditions, it will be difficult for the IAEA to give an objective assessment of the situation at Zaporizh* NPP. Instead, we emphasize that it is impossible to implement all the nuclear and radiation safety recommendations of the mission as long as the plant remains under the control of Russian occupation troops," Energoatom noted.
Pravda.ua | [Mikhail] Podoliak[Podolyak] called it strange that the IAEA mission stayed at the ZNPP for only 2 hours, 1 Sep
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