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platform worker entered the room, Jan 2022. Who knew zero-hour contracts and terms were sooo technical?
The intention, amongst other things, is to improve working conditions by ensuring that there is the 'correct' determination of their employment status.
concept of "employer" is not well understood, so...
The Court of Justice of the European Union has historically interpreted the EU concept of 'worker' very widely, and has always emphasized the need for legal 'subordination' or control and direction of the worker. The Draft Directive provides that when a digital labor platform [sic] 'controls' the work of the platform worker, there will be a presumption that an employment relationship exists - i.e. the onus will no longer be on, for example, the individual to prove that this is the case....
euractiv | EU institutions inch closer to an agreement on platform worker status, 14 Sep
New compromise amendments, which EURACTIV obtained, indicate explicit wording has been added in the binding part of the legal text to confirm that "the legal presumption does not produce the effect of an automatic reclassification of all persons performing platform work as platform workers, since the presumption is rebuttable."
file in Mental disorder is a communicable disease
EC | EU proposes directive to protect the rights of platform workers, 17 Mar
by Cat on Fri Sep 16th, 2022 at 12:07:46 AM EST
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