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Kyiv Post | US, South Africa Leaders Vow Cooperation After Ukraine, 17 Sep
"Biden has not yet visited but has pledged a renewed interest, including with a summit of African leaders planned in Washington this December."

The Hill | opEd | At the US-Africa Leaders Summit, launch 'Process Africa', 15 Aug

Several weeks ago, President Biden announced that he will host a U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington in December. It's about time. This is the first U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit since 2014, and just the second such meeting ever. China, meanwhile, has held its comparable Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) every three years since 2000, and that has provided a leadership and messaging advantage for China in Africa.
One of the biggest problems in Africa is that the continent does not process much of the food that is grown there. Despite having a large and robust agricultural base, there has been a long history of sending all or much of [raw material] abroad to be processed. Processing is a very lucrative part of the food value-added chain, usually much larger than the value of the crop itself....
no kidding
Why has this pattern developed? There are several reasons, but it is partly a remnant of the colonial history of much of Africa. European colonial powers were happy to have raw material such as unprocessed food grown on the continent in their colonies. But they insisted that the food be sent to Europe for processing so they could capture the value-added stage. ....
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