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Syriza.gr | Tsipras: SYRIZA's lead in the elections for the new change in the country, 18 Sep transcript (machine trans.), A/V 00:27:33 (GR) no closed caption
G. LOTSOPOULOU (ERT 3): Thank you, Mr. President. And above all, thank you for consistently honoring ERT3. We listened to you in your speech yesterday and we heard a series of announcements that correspond on the one hand to an increase in spending and on the other to a decrease in revenue. We heard about the increase in the minimum wage, about the return of retroactives, about indexation, about mother's allowance, I will not list them all. And on the other hand, the reduction of the Excise Tax and the VAT correspond to a reduction in revenues.

I would like to ask you how cost effective and reliable this program is and how after these announcements you will answer your political opponents who accuse you that with these announcements and this program you will either lead the country to a new memorandum or they will stay just some announcements that will never materialize and cheap promises.

AL. TSIPRAS: Ms. Lotsopoulou, thank you for the question. They accuse us of the possibility of leading the country to memorandums again, those who led us to memorandums. Who bankrupted the country, left it bankrupt in 2009 and who today follow the same recipes of bankruptcy. And they blame us for managing this bankruptcy, getting the country off the books. Because today we are in danger of having eavesdropping on this issue as well. They are undermining the great achievement of the SYRIZA government which was to create a framework of fiscal stability and sustainability, to regulate the debt so that it is sustainable with a clean corridor to the next low repayments....

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