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TO: heart of NIMBY
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"The children Gov. Abbott abandoned in Martha's Vineyard, the children that Gov. DeSantis abandoned as well, you know, deserve better. They deserve better than being left on the streets of DC or being left in Martha's Vineyard," Jean-Pierre said, erroneously attributing the migrants who were sent to Martha's Vineyard to [Texass Gov Greg] Abbott.
Massachusetts [GOP] governor Charlie Baker said Friday, he is deploying up to 125 National Guard members in response to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sending a group of just 50 illegal immigrants to Martha's Vineyard.
Jean-Pierre said, "What they are doing is an illegal stunt, is a political stunt. And it's really just disrespectful to humanity. It doesn't afford them any dignity ... it is just cruel."
"According to a very reliable source the migrants will soon be put on a boat and become Falmouths problem....

Now, do Rehobeth.

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Think of the children!
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"White House Monitoring Reports About Migrants Being Flown to Biden's Home State Delaware"
"Yes, we have received word of the flights," Jean-Pierre said during a press briefing. "We are coordinating closely with state officials and local service providers who are prepared to welcome at these families in an orderly manner as they pursue their asylum claims."

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is reportedly behind the move to send a plane with migrants to an airport near Biden's' vacation home in Rehoboth, Delaware.

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Now do Watch Hill.
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courthousenews | Opponents of [Formosa] plastics plant celebrate order revoking permits, 16 Sep supply chain "tensions"
Judge White found that Formosa's proposed $9.4 billion plant would emit - by its own calculations - pollutants in such high quantity and so harmful into the surrounding air that even brief exposure would pose a threat to human health in an area she noted is notorious for already containing more cancer-causing toxins than 99.6% of other industrial areas nationwide. The region is widely known as "Cancer Alley."
wikiwtf Formosa Petrochemical, wholly-owned subsiaary of Formosa Plastics Group
www Formosa Plastics®
TPE, TPE:6505, TWD, 1301.TW  company history (2018)
FT investors' profile
Uniper to buy gas elsewhere, Aug 2022
plans to sell more very low sulphur fuel oil due to higher margins, Aug 2022
Pelosi to meet Taiwan's president, Aug 2022
Living off CHEMICAL WASTE, Feb 2019
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