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TASS | Tokayev resigns. Who will become the new president of Kazakhstan, 2 Sep long story, short
Tokayev's speech was extremely unexpected for the population and the expert community. The powers of the president [Tokayev] end only after two years, and before that there was not a single hint of a new electoral process [eg. confidence vote, dissolved parl).

"For me, the interests of the state are above all. Therefore, I am ready to shorten the term and go to early elections," the head of Kazakhstan said in parliament.

term limit controversy
the term of office will be increased from five to seven years and at the same time re-election will be banned. The question of the sequence in which this will happen has caused controversy in the media. Many believed that the amendment would come into force after the election, meaning that the new president would serve for five years and then be able to run for another seven years.

[...]"The current campaign will be held according to a new principle. That is, before the elections, the parliament will introduce Tokayev's proposal into the legislation, which now allows running for two terms of five years," political analyst Islam Kuraev explained to RIA Novosti.

Kazakhstan is the first country in the post-Soviet space that introduces a one-term limit. Right now, in neighboring Uzbekistan, they are preparing a constitutional reform that will allow President Shavkat Mirziyoyev to participate in elections for the third time. And last year in Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon won for the fifth time.
In addition, a new government will be formed in Kazakhstan in the first half of next year [2023]. "We will get a new composition of deputies representing the interests of wide groups of citizens.[...]," the leader of the country explained.

resignation Nursultan Nazarbayev
Experts interviewed by RIA Novosti are convinced that it was this episode that prompted the Kazakh leader to hold snap elections. "Tokayev wants to finally gain legitimacy after the well-known events at the beginning of the year. He needs to clarify which part of the citizens supports him. And of course, he hopes to win...."
One way or another, such initiatives will open a new milestone in the politics of the republic. It doesn't matter if Tokayev wins, but early elections will have a positive impact on the democratic principles developing inside the country.
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Astana Times | Kazakh Parliament Adopts Constitutional Amendments on Single Presidential Term and Renaming of Capital, 16 Sep
the presidential term in Kazakhstan will be increased from five to seven years, and the right to be elected will be limited to one tenure.
stablishment of a new institution of the Constitutional Court, the reduction of the President's authority while expanding the powers of the Parliament, the implementation of a mixed electoral system, the simplification of the procedure for registering parties, and the strengthening of the regions' independence, forms a new institutional design of the state structure with an optimal balance between the branches of power.
akoda | President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev took part in the Summit of the Council of Heads of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Member States in an enlarged format
"In his speech, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev focused on the priority areas of development of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization [SCO]."
Astana Times | SCO Summit: President Tokayev Focuses on Transit and Transport, Food and Energy Security, 17 Sep excerpts
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