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Telesur | Thousands Demand the Resignation of the Government in Prague, 3 Sep photos
The organisers said after the end of the demonstration that if the government does not resign by 25 September, they will announce pressure actions and will plan for another protest on 28 September.

"We demand the establishment of a temporary government of experts and the calling of early elections. If the government does not resign by 25 September, we will declare the right to resistance under the Constitution of the Czech Republic at a nationwide demonstration and announce coercive actions. We are already in talks with trade unions, businessmen, farmers, mayors, transport operators and other organisations to declare a strike," the organisers warned.
According to [EUCo pres] Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS), the event was called by forces that claim to have a pro-Russian orientation, are close to extremists and are against the interests of the Czech Republic. However, the protest are so far peaceful and without any serious problems.

Some of the groups represented at the demonstration included the major anti-migrant populist Freedom and Direct Democracy party and the Communist Party. The protesters demanded the resignation of the current coalition government led by conservative Prime Minister Petr Fiala, criticizing it for a number of issues, including its Western-oriented policies.
"The aim of our demonstration is to demand change, mainly in solving the issue of energy prices, especially electricity and gas, which will destroy our economy this autumn," event co-organizer Jiri Havel told iDNES.cz news website.
[4 Sep] An unfortunate statement, politicians evaluate Fial's words about the pro-Russian forces at the protest
Government ministers and opposition politicians react to Prime Minister Petr Fiala's statement about the pro-Russian conveners of Saturday's demonstration against the government. According to the governor of the South Bohemian Region and the chairman of the Association of Regions, Martin Kuba, his words were unfortunate. According to him, the government should not underestimate people's fear of the current price hike and crisis and should make it clear to them that it will guide them through the situation....
The protest at Wenceslas Square in the city centre was held a day after the government survived a no-confidence vote amid opposition claims of inaction against inflation and energy prices. The vote showed how Europe's energy crisis is fuelling political instability as soaring power prices stoke inflation, already at levels unseen in three decades.
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