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vOldeMoRT: US rule out Russia visa ban, 3 Sep
Washington won't restrict the visas for all Russians as a punishment for Russia's actions in Ukraine, said John Kirby, US National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications, in an interview with the Dozhd TV channel that was released on Saturday.

The US has introduced visa restrictions for individual Russians whom it considers to be "regime supporters," Kirby said. However, Washington doesn't believe that "holding all Russians accountable" is a productive measure, as the US' decisions shouldn't be turned into a war with the entire Russian people.

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It is not the Russian people who should be blamed, but "president [Vladimir] Putin and his cabinet," he explained.

On August 31, the foreign ministers of the 27 EU countries decided to suspend the visa facilitation agreement with Russia

EU foreign ministers agree to suspend visa facilitation agreement
... The ministers primarily discussed two topics, namely the EU's relations with Africa and the Russian aggression against Ukraine. The main outcome of the meeting was agreement among the Member States to suspend the visa facilitation agreement.
According to [Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Jan] Lipavský, it is also however necessary to achieve mutual understanding between the Member States. On the one hand, there is the problem of the northern states that directly border Russia and which are seeing the arrival of large numbers of Russians. On the other hand, the individual Member States have differing stances on the issue. What is important now is that the European Commission and EU institutions prepare a proposal that reflects these different aspects....
which means reducing the number of visas issued and making it more difficult to obtain them. The details remain unclear, yet it's certain that the introduction of the ban will result in more difficult, longer and more expensive procedures for Russians to obtain a Schengen visa.
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