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500 years G7 supply chain arbitrage d/b/a re-export, "globalism," and "factoryless production" grinding to a close happens to coincide with a concerted, patronizing effort by G7 concern trolls to enforce prix fixe/bbl/mcf and bid-rigging worldwide on upstream "energy" sources.

IEA | U.S. Natural Gas [modal] Exports and Re-Exports by [destination] Country, MoM Jan-June 2022
N.B. USD price W = "Withheld to avoid disclosure of individual company data."

IEA | NATURAL GAS projection, illustrated
• Global gas-to-liquids [LNG] growth is dominated by two [GTL] projects in South Africa and Uzbekistan; also implausible  Nigeria, Qatar CapEx, 2005-2040
• Underground Natural Gas Working Storage Capacity, contiguous USA: decline
• U.S. Crude Oil and Natural Gas Proved Reserves, YE 2020: decline, decline respectively
• Perspectives on the Development of LNG Market Hubs in the Asia Pacific Region: whine

Global liquefaction capacity is projected to increase by one-third by 2020.
[obsolete info]
Asian markets lack a transparent pricing benchmark.
Although Asia is the major natural gas-consuming region (accounting for one-third of the global natural gas trade and three-quarters of the global LNG trade), the region lacks a liquid and transparent LNG pricing benchmark similar to the Henry Hub in the United States or the National Balancing Point in the United Kingdom...
Multiple initiatives are underway to facilitate price discovery in Asian LNG markets
Japan, China, and Singapore are now developing regional trading hubs in Asia Pacific markets and have launched LNG pricing indexes to increase the transparency in price formation. ...
African OPEC members reject oil price cuts-Moustache (1981)
OPEC Fund | The path to Africa's energy transition, 2021
Africa must forgo gas exploration to avert climate disaster-Guterres, 2022
Africa Report | 'We are not the problem' - Africa insists on gas as transition fuel, 2022
2%, 3.4%, 9% continental contribution to GHG emissions depending on phase of the moon afflicting ICCP-Green Deal studies to date

supra S&P Global Commodity Insight embargo, IEA origin story

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