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The Postil | The Moral Foundations of Anglo-American Culture, 1 Sep civilization
What is Anglo-American culture? By Anglo-American culture, we understand the kind of culture that emerged in North-Western Europe, especially England, in the post-Renaissance and post-Reformation period and eventually spread to the United States. The most distinctive institutions of Anglo-American culture are individual autonomy, the rule of law, a republican form of government, and a market economy....
The Postil | In Defense of German Colonialism, 1 Sep postcard
Bismarck's ironclad indifference towards the colonies cracked in 1883 when a failed tobacco merchant from Bremen named Adolf Lüderitz wired to say that he had run up the German flag on a thin strip of land on the Atlantic coast of southern Africa. Lüderitz had bought the land from natives of the Nama tribe for two hundred loaded rifles and a box of gold. The Nama needed the rifles for their ongoing wars against their historic enemies, the Herero. Bismarck at last gave in. Following his recognition of Lüderitzland (population twenty), Bismarck told the Reichstag that henceforth he would fly the flag whenever established German merchants requested the protection of the state. "We do not want to install colonies artificially," Bismarck sighed. "When they emerge, however, we will try to protect them." His hope was for empire on the cheap: "Clerks from the trading houses, not German generals," would handle the functions of government. ...
archived US judge dismisses Namibian genocide claims against Germany
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DW | Germany rejects new negotiations over Namibia genocide, 2 Sep
Angry Herero and Namas took the capital Windhoek after the negotiations were concluded in May last year. A parliamentary debate about the agreement in September 2021 was also accompanied by loud protests. The mood inside the chamber was equally emotional: Angry opposition members blasted the outcome of the negotiations, with even some MPs from the ruling SWAPO party voicing concern. So far, the government has not put the agreement to a vote in the national assembly.
Germany's lower parliament, the Bundestag, does not plan to vote on the agreement at all.

"It is correct that the fully negotiated joined declaration is not an agreement under international law and does not require ratification by the German Bundestag," the government wrote.

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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin's Regular Press Conference on September 1, 2022
Reuters: Germany's defense chief told Reuters that Germany will expand its military presence in the Indo-Pacific by sending more warships and joining drills with allies as it keeps an eye on the enormous build-up of China's armed forces. How do you comment about this?

Wang Wenbin: The public statement about demonstrating Germany's military presence in other parts of the world by the German Chief of Staff of the Federal Armed Forces might evoke negative associations in many countries. ...

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Politico.com |Biden's Pacific Island summit tests U.S. regional credibility , 22 Sep
Joe Tzu arms sale summit 28-29
Those initiatives include greater military cooperation between the U.S. and Pacific Island countries. The U.S. will conclude an 11-day military exercise tomorrow/Friday in Fiji that included personnel from Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.
PIC (1971 Pacific Islands Forum): AU, Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, French Polynesia, Kiribati, Nauru, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Republic of Marshall Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, Tokelau, Vanuatu; IN*, ID*, TH*, MY*, PH*, CN*, JP*, KR*; EU-CO*, TR*, UK*, US*, CA*, FR*, DE*, IT*  ES*; CU*
Long time, no see. Campbell's challenge is a widespread perception among Pacific Island countries that the U.S. is unreliable.

"America premised their whole efforts in the Pacific on [Cold War] geostrategic competition, and once that [Soviet] threat was gone, America didn't see the reason to be in the Pacific anymore," said PATRICIA O'BRIEN, professor of history in the Asian Studies Program at Georgetown University. "[That] provided huge openings for China once they were ready to expand into the Pacific in the 2000s."

For many Pacific Islanders, the most visible symbols of U.S. engagement are the remains of former World War II battlefields < wipes tears > such as Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands. That influence vacuum has lubricated China's steady diplomatic outreach in the absence of a competitive U.S. alternative.

archived PANDOR to BLINKEN, fweedom and fiefdom
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Politico | DEFIANCE by Marshall Islands and Solomon Islands cast shadow over Biden's Pacific Summit, 28 Sep, Day 1 off the reservation
the Solomon Islands, which signed a controversial security pact with China earlier this year, is refusing to sign an 11-point summit declaration "designed to provide a framework for intensified U.S. engagement in the Pacific," the Australian Broadcasting Corporation [ABCnet.au] reported Tuesday.
"the remains of former World War II battlefields such as Guadalcanal"
The administration is coordinating its summit outreach with its Partners in the Blue Pacific initiative allies Japan, Australia, New Zealand[, EU,] and the United Kingdom "to add more resources, more capacity, more diplomatic engagement as a whole," said The Official®. The summit will also mark the launch of the U.S. government's first-ever Pacific Strategy [since WWII], a regional-specific compliment [sic] to the administration's China-containing Indo-Pacific Strategy launched in September 2021.

"This [strategy]* is specifically aimed at the concerns and the objectives in the Pacific as a whole ... [and]* about how to organize the disparate elements of the U.S. government toward tackling issues like climate change, training, issues associated with [over]*fishing, investments in technology," The Official® said.

The administration will deploy Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo[,] and Biden's climate envoy John Kerry on Wednesday [29 Sep] to tout the administration's determination to improve Pacific Island countries' links to the U.S.
"questions and concerns"
But the Marshall Islands' move to freeze talks on COFA [Compact of Free Association, Dept. Interior] renewal [sic] is a kick in the teeth to the administration just days after Special Presidential Envoy Ambassador Joseph Yun told POLITICO that the State Department was on track to renew COFAs with Palau, Micronesia[,] and the Marshall Islands by end-2022 after six months of intensive negotiations. And it raises questions about the Biden administration's strategy to use those COFAs to effectively firewall those three countries from Beijing's efforts to displace the U.S. as the region's dominant superpower....
* brackets in original
archived AUKUS/IPEF update: pivot to Paris Accord  June 2022

Sputnik | Solomon Islands Deals a Blow to US by Refusing to Sign Pacific Declaration, 28 Sep
"The Pacific leaders have also compared US draft declaration with a similar proposal put forth by China in June. Pacific Island leaders rejected it and asked China to come up with a fresh document."

GAO, "COMPACTS OF FREE ASSOCIATION, Implications of Planned Ending of Some U.S.
Economic Assistance
", Feb 2022, 200 pp; no Solomon Islands COFA
Guardian | US Pacific summit faces rocky start as [PIC] leaders reject Washington's offers, 28 Sep

The 11-point declaration of US-Pacific partnership, a draft of which has been seen by the Guardian, commits Pacific countries and the US to working together "in the face of a worsening climate crisis and an increasingly complex geopolitical environment".

The [US] draft differs markedly from the sweeping regional economic and security deal that China presented to 10 Pacific countries earlier this year, which was ultimately rejected by Pacific leaders.

China's deal was incredibly detailed, committing to particular sums of money, programs and even outlining the number Chinese art troupes that would be sent to the islands as part of a cultural exchange program. [...] The draft declaration with the US is far more general, committing to principles of engagement - such as bolstering Pacific regionalism, tackling the climate crisis, advancing economic growth, protecting the Blue Pacific[,] and maintaining peace and security - rather than outlining specific policies and promises
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whitehouse.gov | Declaration on U.S.-Pacific Partnership, 29 Sep 11-point cover story
Pacific Islands Forum signatures (1971 PIC): AU, Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, French Polynesia, Kiribati, Nauru, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Republic of Marshall Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, Tokelau, Vanuatu
+ 1: USA

annotations (ICYM p 1 in GAO Feb 2022 report, prepared for Manchin and Murkowski)
Macau News | US announces $810 mn in new funding for Pacific Islands at summit, 30 Sep

The White House said $600 million will be in the form of a 10-year package to clean up and develop dirty waters to support the tuna [!] industry, while the United States will also expand climate and development aid and its diplomatic presence.
The Biden administration also announced that the United States would recognize Cook Islands and Niue, a self-governing territory whose foreign and defense policies and currency are linked to New Zealand. The step will allow the United States to increase its diplomatic footprint in the Cook Island and Niue, which have fewer than 20,000 inhabitants but constitute a sprawling economic zone in the South Pacific.
Launching a new strategy for engagement, Biden also designated a veteran US ambassador in the region, Frankie Reed, as the first-ever US envoy to the Pacific Islands Forum. The United States earlier announced the restoration of an embassy in the Solomon Islands, amid the heavy presence of China, and the White House said Thursday [29 Sep] that US embassies would also open in Tonga and Kiribati.
* liberated observer, dialogue: IN*, ID*, TH*, MY*, PH*, CN*, JP*, KR*; EU-CO*, TR*, UK*, US*, CA*, FR*, DE*, IT*,  ES*; CU*
The White House said that Canada and Germany will join and that France -- itself a South Pacific power [!] -- as well as the European Union, South Korea[,] and India would participate as non-members.
Speaking to AFP, [Solomon Islands PM Manasseh] Sogavare said that negotiations in Washington had addressed his concerns "in a positive way" ahead of the expected unveiling of a partnership declaration with the United States.

"We had specific issues on certain regional organizations such as ASEAN and the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue being included as no consultations with them have happened with Pacific small island developing states," Sogavare said, referring to the Southeast Asian bloc and the four-way Quad of the United States, Australia, Japan[,] and India. Sogavare said that his government also sought to insert language on a "cessation of hostilities and a peaceful resolution to the Ukraine [!] war." ...

Bloomberg | Solomons Signs US-Led Pacific Deal After Historic Meeting, 29 Sep money quote
• Biden commits more than $810 million to new [top up] Pacific initiative [COFA trust fund]
• Washington is trying to counter Beijing's diplomacy in Pacific
In the past year, the US and Australia have been increasingly concerned about growing Chinese government influence in the Pacific and have escalated diplomatic activity in the region. The UNEXPECTED announcement in April of a ["]security agreement["] being struck between China and the Solomon Islands was a major diplomatic win for Beijing [and Solomon Islands].
"We hope the US will offer support for these countries' development and revitalization, instead of using cooperation as a pretext to engage in geopolitical rivalry and replicate bloc confrontation," [Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman] Mao [Ning] said.
change.org | Jordon Steele-John's response, 29 Sep AUKUS
I am pleased to let you know that In the Australian Senate today I tabled this petition and supported its calls for Australia to withdraw from AUKUS, end the development of nuclear submarines and put a stop to Australia's integration with the US military. ...
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PressTV.ir | US, Canadian warships transit through Taiwan Strait, irking China, 21 Sep
The latest American naval operation through the Taiwan Strait also came on the heels of a move by the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee to pass the Taiwan Policy Act of 2022, which now heads to the Senate floor. The act is aimed at designating Taipei a "Major Non-NATO Ally" and to provide "almost $4.5 billion in security assistance" to the self-ruled territory "over the next four years."
Bloomberg | Russia, Iran, China to Hold Joint Navy Drills in Indian Ocean, 22 Sep
Iran's semi-official Mehr news agency reported. Other countries including Oman and Pakistan may also join the drills, Mehr cited Iranian Chief of Staff Major General Mohammad Bagheri as saying, without giving further details.

The three nations started joint exercises in December 2019, according to Iranian state media, to deal with unspecified "threats in the region." China's military spokesman at the time described the exercises as a "normal military exchange." The most recent round was in January.

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Media International Australia: "In April to June 2020, Russia passed through a major COVID-19 lockdown..."
Moscow Times: "A year ago today Russia went into its first -- and only -- coronavirus lockdown."
New Yorker: "Why Russia Hasn't Cracked Down on COVID-19"
Reuters: "Russia scraps remaining COVID restrictions"
CNN: "Macron warns of 'crisis of democracies,' including in US, in exclusive US interview," 22 Sep
"I hate lecturing people and saying, 'I'm worried for you.' ... But I do believe that what is at stake is what we built in the 18th century," Macron said an interview.
The mobilization means [Russian Federation] citizens who are in the reserve could be called up, and those with military experience would be subject to conscription, Putin said, adding that the necessary decree had already been signed and took effect on Wednesday.
"And I have no rational explanation," he added, calling the invasion the "strategy of Germany intervention" and a "post-Covid-19 consequence" because of Putin's isolation during the pandemic.
archived Is that you, Bernard?
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the 1947 partition of British India and ...

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NY Yella Cake -100: PROGRESS!
The Vatican is livid about the Earl of Balfour's proposal for safeguarding the holy places in Palestine, because Catholics will only be a minority on the sub-commissions.
As the final loss of Greece in its war with Turkey draws near, Britain, France, Italy, and the US are sending warships to Smyrna to protect their nationals. The NYT, in an editorial entitled "The White Man's Burden," says that Britain, France & Italy have "the responsibility of defending civilized European peoples against a hopelessly unprogressive Asiatic foe."
In another op-ed page appeal to civilization, the NYT accuses the railroad employees of "Uncivilized Strike Methods."
Rumors that Éamon de Valera and Erskine Childers have been captured. Fact Check: Not so True.

wutshistits: From government insider to holy warrior
archived More on Evangelism, "religious dysphoria", proselytizing hysteria , GD IV spirituality
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Russia closes 'Nordstrom 1.'

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China Daily | Chinese underwater acoustic communication machine achieves long-distance transmission, 2021
The acoustic signal at a lower frequency can be transmitted farther underwater, said Qu Fengzhong, a professor with Zhejiang University. But the bandwidth available for communication at low frequencies is very limited. Thus it is difficult for underwater acoustic communication to meet the requirements of high speeds and long distances.
SCMP | Chinese scientists develop long-distance underwater communication in South China Sea, 17 Sep 2022
Chinese researchers say they have developed and tested in the depths of the South China Sea underwater communication technology that would allow submarines and drones to maintain contact over more than 30,000 sq km (11,600 square miles) - about the area of Belgium. ...
historicity I've got a fun story about low-freq communication in NYC c. 2001 that stopped my free-range 2 y.o. Z-informant and a buncha adults in their tracks at the intersection of Houston and B'way ...
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From the "You can't make that up" department:

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